25Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body. 26“In your anger do not sin” d : Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 27and do not give the devil a foothold. –Ephesians 4:25-27

So I’m sure like most people as of late, I’ve been following the Catholic Bishop Synod on the Amazon that’s taking place right now at the Vatican…for the few of you who I’m sure are totally embarrassed for not knowing, the Synod is a gathering of Catholic Bishop’s that takes place every three years, that’s purpose is to discuss and counsel the Pope on a specific topic.  This year is the Pan-Amazon region. 

     In all seriousness although I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few people who’s recent search’s are filled with things like: 
News on the Synod, the Rugby World Cup(…not looking great for the US team but I digress…), and surf wax. What makes this synod so serious is the effects it will have on the Church as a whole not just the regions in question. The magnitude of the decisions that are being discussed and possibly decided with only limited representation is a recipe for disaster.  The three topics in no particular order are the ordaining of women as deacons, allowing married men to take Holy Orders, and the pagan activities and symbolism that’s taking place there.   
I’m not exactly sure what to think right now.  For a long time I’ve felt the Church has been under attack, but unlike in the past, this time it’s coming from within. When the Church starts making changes based on what’s popular it’s no longer following the word of God it’s being led by the lost.  With that said here’s my thoughts on the three topics I’m addressing and I hope someone will comment or at least think and pray on it, I know I am.  
-Although I will always give thanks and praise to the women (nuns and lay alike) who have and do give and provide so much for not only the Church as a whole but me personally as well, I can’t side with the idea of ordaining women as deacons. My reasoning is this when Christ was building His ministry women were absolutely actively involved but He never chose them as Apostles or sent them out to teach the word.  Who are we to override or change the path and methods of Jesus.  Next, when the Anglican Church decided to make the change to allow women to be ordained it created a schism day within the church that. Again it seems to me that decisions that divide rather than unite can’t be the will of God.  And finally and this carries over to the next topic as well, where does it end?  If the decision today is to allow women to be deacons how long until they’re allowed to be priests as well?  And I’m not insinuating that a women couldn’t do the job.  There are a lot of women who would be amazing at it, but being able to do something doesn’t necessarily justify it.  Especially when we are talking about altering the Church as it was taught to us.  
-The issue if there not being enough priests in these regions has prompted the idea of allowing married men to take Holy Orders.  Now this is a little tougher because most of the Apostles and early “priests” were married and it wasn’t until 304 BC that it was first officially brought up (in 1139 BC it actually became law). Additionally even now there are cases where married men have been allowed to become priests.  But again I’ll ask, where will it end?  Although this is only for the “Pan-Amazon” region, how long until it spreads across the entire church.  Now as a man of faith who is married with children do I think I am any less faithful because of my family? No absolutely not, but again that doesn’t make it right.  In this instance St. Paul actually spoke about the importance of the faith being more important than marital duties. 
-Although I look forward to hearing others opinions on the first two, the last part there is no moving me.  Any references to “Mother Earth” either in word or song (both were done) in church is not acceptable.  The wearing of pagan ceremonial garb while singing/dancing literally inside the church is not acceptable.  And finally the placing of pagan idols at the foot of the alter is, again, not acceptable.  There’s a difference between trying to create an environment of tolerance and inclusion and blasphemy.  When thief is trying to enter your house, it’s not with a roar it’s a whisper.  The devil’s not getting a foothold today.  
God bless 

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