A whisper amongst the noise (part 1)

So a few days ago my wife Kerri and I went away for a couple of days for her birthday. And often it’s in times like these, when my mind is seemingly deafened with the noise of life that I hear God’s voice the clearest.

Demons. The Holy Spirit.

Two phrases, two different topics, one focus. Let me explain.

So I’m going to back up to the middle of last week, I was reading an article about a pro-abortion protest where these people were burning baby dolls…a bit graphic and a lot crazy if you ask me…but I digress. After finishing the article I started reading through the comments and saw a lot of satan this, and the devil that response’s. Truth of the matter is I didn’t really think much of it, probably agreed on a subconscious level. Flash forward to Friday morning and as I’m driving listening to to the radio talking with Kerri when out of nowhere it hits me…

When people see bad things happening they immediately want to blame the devil or an evil spirit. Now I whole heartedly believe that there are dark forces at work in this world trying to undo and corrupt everything that is good, I also believe the decisions and actions we make are our own. When we do something good are we being controlled by God or an Angel or are we consciously making the decision to do the right thing. To live and act as Jesus taught us. After the last supper when Jesus went to Gethsemane He prayed that God would let this cup pass from me because He knew what was going to happen and He was afraid but he also knew that He, like all of us must choose to do God’s will. It wasn’t the devil that made the Pharisees or even Judas betray Jesus, it was things like greed and fear. That’s why Jesus forgave them. Even today we fear self accountability. One of the many gifts and blessings we have is free will. But it’s also one of the hardest things for us to endure because it’s having this ability to choose that forces us to pick the right path, and not necessarily the easiest. Since Friday I’ve been thinking about this, and the simplicity of it makes me stop writing and read more scripture because I’m the type of person who when presented with something that I should have seen sooner feels the need to look for a more complex situation to justify my own ignorance but unfortunately that’s not how this works. We, as Christians, have a tendency to feel like we have time…I’ll change that tomorrow, I’m not ready to forgive…., I swear this is the last time I …. and we do have time, until the day comes that we don’t! The excuse that one person can’t do anything is only true because we allow it to…maybe we want it to because it’s easier. We as a people have to come to a point where we stop blaming the devil or God, for the things happening in this world and be the champions of our faith that we were asked to be. With faith..true Faith, can anything truly stand in our way?

What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us?-Romans 8:31

But let me ask you, can one Christian stand up to everyone who chooses to attack or try to change our faith? That would be ugly…like trying to stop a river with one stone…well how about a thousand stones, or a million stones…what if today all 2.2 billion Christians stepped into that river? It only sounds crazy because no one wants to be the first stone.

Thanks for listening, I’ll be writing the next part in the next day or so…until then remember to be the light for others and to live the faith. God bless


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